Why having a timeline will help you relax on your wedding day

Are you worrying about how your wedding day is going to pan out when your special day comes?

I try and help my couples in any way I can to try and reduce their stress on the day – this is because I don’t want you worrying about where you need to be, or be bothering you every two minutes about where I need to be.

Wedding days are special but also busy and it is very easy to get quickly get swept up in the moment and before you know it you’re walking in for your wedding breakfast. Almost the list of the most common things I hear from my couples at the end of the day is that they cannot believe how quickly the day has gone! With so many aspects to the day, the joy and excitement I want to be sure that I (and you both) don’t miss a moment! For this very reason, I work closely with my couples about 4 weeks leading up to the wedding date to create their wedding day timeline.
I promise you it is not a strict timeframe but gives everyone, including myself, a guideline of the day and who needs to be where and at what time.  You ultimately want your day smoothly, and I know you have spent hours and hours planning your wedding day. So its important to me that we get down all the important moments as I think this really helps the day run smoothly so you don’t have to worry.

It maybe the wedding venue has given you a recommended timeline for whilst you are at the venue – however the timeline we will create will be more in depth and tailored specifically to you and your day. It will cover the all essentials from the point your coverage starts through till the point I leave having captured all your special moments.

I always start by asking for the most essential timings of the day. So this would be what time you are planning to arrive at the venue, the time of the ceremony, what time is the caterer serving your wedding breakfast and what time is your first dance. From here will can then fill in the other parts of the day, such as the bridal prep timings (when you needed to be dressed) for your couple photographs  and family formals etc.

We can arrange a Skype session or a chat over the phone to discuss what fits in and where on the day, allowing enough time for photographs, but ensuring you also have time to mingle with your guests and relax with each other.

If you have found this useful, or know someone who is abit worried about the running of their day, please feel free to share this below.

Love, Charlotte x