Romantic Wedding Photography

Do you want natural wedding photographs?

The most common request I hear from brides and grooms who get in touch with me is that they are looking for natural wedding photographs to be captured on the day. Now this is very much becoming the norm for wedding photography, and whilst I capture 90% in a documentary and reportage approach (this is how you achieve the natural photographs) I thought I would share a few tips on how to achieve these relaxed wedding photographs that you are going to love!

Natural Wedding Photographs
*Ignore me! Ok…not literally…but when your having a moment, go with it. I know its hard to forget that someone is standing there, with a big camera in their face whilst you are trying to have an intimate, special moment with your new husband or wife. But trust me, when I tell my couples to enjoy themselves for a couple of minutes, go have a hug or a kiss, if you’re naturally comfy, then you achieve the natural relaxed photographs.

*You just got married! How exciting!! Enjoy this peaceful, special moment with your beau. I also allow my couples time during the couple photographs, just the two of them and capture what is going on from a distance. Use this time, remember it, talk about how you feel, how you felt seeing each other down the aisle, this is usually the only 5 minutes you get just the two of you until the partying is over.

*You both look amazing, dressed in your best. Don’t go panicking about how you look as that will make you feel tense and anxious. You may not get to do this again, so enjoy the moment.

*Talk to me if you’re nervous in the lead up to your engagement shoot or your big day. Talking about how you feel outloud, your concerns, your dislikes will absolutely help! I try my very best to help my couples before so they feel comfortable and know what to expect from their session or day. I recently shared a story from one of my brides who was so worried about having her picture taken. So we spent half an hour on the phone, we talked, we spoke about what to expect, tips and tricks I have picked up from photographing women and couples. And don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging on the day. I will be there to help you out and give slight direction when you need it most, give you something to chat about that creates those natural laughs and smiles, and make sure we capture those beautiful photographs.

*Lets get to know each other. It’s so much easier for us to have a great session and a good time when we know each other better!

*Consider an engagement session. I have created a specific page dedicated just to this HERE  and a number of articles why you will benefit from an engagement shoot, what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Romantic Wedding Photography
The last thing you need to worry about it having your photograph taken. But if you are still a little concerned, or have any worries, feel nervous you can always talk to me about being in front of the camera. It’s ok to be abit anxious about being in front of the camera, how often do we have our picture taken? Selfies do not count :)!

I love getting to know the couples I have the pleasure of photographing as it helps with the process. You feel more comfortable with me on the day, and we can truly get those natural wedding photographs and relaxed images you really want.

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at

Much love, Charlotte x