HEY, I am so happy you have found your way to this blog post! I haven’t really caught up too much on here, and I really want to make a bigger effort with this blog for you in 2020.

To include not only blog posts of recent work, but for you to get a better understanding of what it is like to work with a photographer, get to know me better, have articles that you can dive into that will help you in the lead up to your wedding day, give you inspiration for your wedding. Or if you are looking for a photographer to help you create a strong visual brand for your business that you know how to prepare for a shoot, how to use the imagery throughout your business and even get inspiration to create your own.

This blog is designed just for you! I want to be creating content that you love, that interests you and ultimately, you want to read, will make your wedding planning journey easier, give you ideas or inspiration and give you some guidance when it comes to beautiful imagery for you. How does that sound? You can also click here to send over article suggestions or ideas you would like to see – I would love to hear from you.

Today, I thought we’d keep it simple and I would start by re-introducing myself. We may not have had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, and you might have maybe seen a few posts on my Instagram and know a little bit about me, but I would really love us to get to know each other better, so here goes!

So, hey, I'm Charlotte a UK based photographer living in the South Coast of England in Dorset, and feel super lucky to live about 10 minutes from the beach. I have a dog, Denzel, who I walk daily by the sea and I don't take that for granted - it's my happy place and always seems to inspire me.

I actually grew up living in Dorset spending time with family, having walks on the beach and holidays in Cornwall, so I think I just feel super relaxed at the beach and by the sea!

So I live here with my husband and our dog, travel all around the UK for work, but when I am not out about shooting I work in my home office in Dorset.

I don’t have a story that involves me at the age of 4 with a camera in my hand. However, when I was younger I do always remember my Dad always took hundreds of photos from our adventures growing up, holidays with family, family occasions and looking back at photos now, it reminds me why having a camera on me all the time is so important to capture special moments. That over time and as you grow older memories do fade slightly, having photographs can re-jog your memory and I love that can happen all from an image that was captured of that particular moment!
I knew I always wanted to have my own business, and pairing that together with loving taking photographs, I started my own photography business back in 2012 specialising in wedding photography. I spent several years building my business alongside my corporate career in Insurance….yep, it is as boring as that written statement is, and whilst it was never my passion, that career gave me great opportunities, such as moving to the city, living in London for several years, growing as a person under new environments, stresses and pressures of working in Canary Wharf and ultimately helped me fund my learning and growing in the early stages of my photography career.
Back in 2015, I knew I had enough of the juggling of the two and I proudly handed my notice in to pursue my wedding photography business full time. To take my passion and own business full time whilst working with incredible couples to document their special moments, fills me with the biggest sense of purpose and pride every time I think about it.
I’ve had the pleasure of photographing so many beautiful weddings throughout the UK and even in Europe, in some incredible places such as Sorrento, vineyards in France and most recently on the amazing island of Menorca. The couples I have the honour of working with are really similar to myself – relaxed and easygoing, want to have a great time with their family and friends, they appreciate experiences not things, love a good Netflix binge, walks on the beach and usually foodies who love a glass of wine, cider or G&T. However, some are totally different to me, and that is honestly amazing!!
I meet so many people, families from all walks of life, with different interests, careers, backgrounds and I absolutely LOVE that! I’d like to think I am a real people person, I love meeting new people, finding out their story, what they love to do at a weekend, how they spend their time with their friends, it really helps me learn who they are and how I can best document their day to truly reflect them.

Back in 2018, I decided to expand my services a little and offer photography services for female entrepreneurs. To help them create visual content for their business so they could confidently promote their services and products, with on-brand imagery that will take their website and social media presence to another level. I have worked with some incredible clients, such as bloggers, recruitment consultants, florists, makeup artists, personal trainers, health consultants and many more. I love working with ambitious women who are in LOVE with their business that impacts people’s lives in positive ways through their services and products. We collaborate in ways to showcase their business and create beautiful imagery that is totally bespoke to them.
So I guess, back to the personal side of things, back in 2016, my boyfriend and I travelled to America for a month. We love to explore and this was the first of our big trips on our bucket list. On this incredible trip, on an abandoned beach he asked me to be his wife, which I actually blogged about here if you want to take a read. And then things got really real and I got to experience the wedding planning from the other side! I thought being in the industry that the wedding planning journey would be super easy, and as we were having a longer engagement (just over 2 years!) that we had LOADS of time to plan…..well I think we were both a little naive, combined with our very casual approach we had that we had loads of time to sort out the finer details of planning…..well let’s just say the last 6 weeks where pretty stressful. We got married in Cornwall, I was barefoot most of the day on the beach, enjoying moments with our incredible friends and family who made the weekend just unforgettable. 
This is turning into a pretty long post….. I’m not quite sure what else to cover at this stage, but hopefully that gives you a little insight into the person behind the camera! I love chatting with people and making connections, feel free to ask any questions below in the comments if you have any, I would love to chat with you further. Also, if you want to get to know me better, I am always hanging out on Instagram stories, which you can follow my photography account on @charlottebryerashphoto