Have you ever wanted to explore the Iceland area? For me, it was a place I wanted to go for a long time!

I am very fortunate part of an amazing photography collective, The Shooting Sisters, an incredible group which includes 20 like-minded photographers. I am so lucky to have been apart of this group for several years now and can really class these ladies as friends of mine.

One of the many things about the group which is amazing is we arrange business/photography getaways to have some relaxation time (of course), but also to have fun with our photography, learn from each other, share business tips, talk about ideas and our dreams.

We have now organised a few trips, we went glamping in Oxford, a weekend at Centre Parcs and last year – The Shooting Sisters had their first trip abroad! There were only a few of us on this trip – but it was a perfect combination of a photography, business and a relaxation trip all rolled into one! I did a little post on this the other week.

So off we headed to Norway!

We flew to Bergen and made our way to our beautiful lake house we had hired for the several days. We booked through – a great place to look for apartments or houses to rent (I have used it a few times now and highly recommend it). This journey from the airport to took slightly longer than expected, but when you have a bus full of photographers, what do you expect!

We got out several times to capture some of the beautiful scenery Bergen and the surrounding areas had to offer. It is a beautiful city, although very wet and grey the majority of our trip.

The lake house we stayed in was incredible and overlooked the amazing fordes of Norway. We had use of their boat which definitely turned into a hilarious story of rowing, yes rowing, a motored boat! Don’t ask!

Lots of new happy memories from our trip away, friendship developed, business practises shared, new headshots, take aways almost from Oslo and goofing around playing Heads Up and having girl time with face masks.

A great place and well worth the visit,  beautiful landscape. If you head into Bergen City Centre I would recommend heading up Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floibanen) to see some incredible views of the area!

Here are a small selection of my images from our trip away.
Norway-Photography-Business-trip-101 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-108 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-114 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-122 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-126 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-128 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-154

Norway-Photography-Business-trip-168 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-161 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-160 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-178 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-188 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-204 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-207 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-212 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-209 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-210 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-223 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-243 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-275 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-245 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-283


I would love to hear about your travels to Norway if you have been before? I would love to go back to the area and explore more and check out some different cities.

Hope you enjoyed this post – I have a new exciting project which is really close to launching where you will see more of these types of posts. Hopefully coming real soon!

Enjoy your week 🙂

Much love, Charlotte x


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