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So there are a couple things to think of after the wedding is over and I will be doing a small series on this soon (definitely bookmark here for after your big day!) But today I wanted to share one of them being how to store your wedding dress.

Have you thought about what you want to do with your dress after the wedding?

I recently thought about this when I was talking with my good friend who got married last year. She was talking about her search for a box to store her dress in. It was never something I had even thought about before then. It might not be something you have even considered yet, especially if you’re in the midst of planning. I also came across a video which I wanted to share with you by a company called The Empty Box Company.
Blush pink Wedding Dress

Most dresses are delivered to you in a garment bag, and whilst just before the wedding this is a great way to store your dress and keep it pristine before the day, it is not the best way to look after your dress after the wedding day. Hangers really aren’t very good for the dress, as it puts pressure on the gown – especially if its heavy and has a long train.

They have provided great tips such as making sure you use tissue paper to protect the fabric of your dress. Using tissue paper to stuff the top of your dress, or if it has sleeves, to keep it in is best condition. They also recommend not storing your dress in the attic! The boxes they create are so lovely, that I would keep mine under my bed or in the spare room.

Much love, Charlotte x

Photographs are by Dorset Wedding Photographer, Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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