Scaling back your wedding? 5 positive things to remember

As a wedding photographer I’ve been privy to how the Corona-coaster of 2020 has affected the wedding plans of many, many couples. My heart has broken time and time again as I receive messages from my clients, confused about how they are going to progress with their celebrations; having to postpone or alter their plans.

If you are one of the thousands of couples scaling back their wedding this year, I hope that this blog post can help to reframe things for you. Whether you are choosing to have a smaller wedding with a larger celebration in the future, or you are opting for a more intimate ceremony altogether, here are five positive things to remember.

Believe me, having shot hundreds of weddings, these things ring true whether you have 200 people at your wedding, 20 or even 2.

  1. Romance wins

    I am an out and out romantic. That’s why I rarely make it through a whole wedding without shedding a tear, and why I ‘gently suggest’ watching rom-coms to my husband all. the. time.

    Weddings are romantic. Full stop. No matter how big or small of an occasion it is.

    I don’t know about you, but I have been so buoyed by the intimate wedding ceremonies I have been seeing on my Instagram feed, as well as the ones I have photographed.

    There is something so precious about stripping a wedding back to its core purpose, and truly focusing on its heart: two people in love.

    No matter how big or small your wedding day is, it will be beautiful, memorable and a day you will treasure forever.

  2. See ya, awkward guest list!

    Didn’t really want to invite that cousin-twice-removed to your wedding? You now have the perfect excuse to scale back your guest list, and focus in on your very favourite people.

    Can I tell you what a blessing many brides have told me this is?!

    For the guests you would love to have there, but who won’t be able to make it, you can get creative!

    See below . . .

  3. Technology is on your side!

    One of the biggest benefits of changing your wedding plans in 2020? Technology is your BFF.

    From sending out alternative invites, to setting up your own wedding website with real-time updates, you have a plethora of digital options at your disposal to help you to navigate your new wedding plans.

    If you have scaled back your wedding, but want to share it with loved ones who can’t make it, did you know that you can live broadcast your wedding day?!

    It’s possible via routes like Facebook Live, YouTube and Zoom. Your remote guest list can tune in to your special day, and cheers to you from the comfort of their own homes.

    Why not go the extra mile and suggest a playlist (or share one with them), a menu and drinks list?!

    You can even send special invitations via Paperless Post or Papier.

    Just because people can’t be with you IRL, doesn’t mean that they can’t celebrate with you.

  4.  You can redistribute your wedding budget

    As a wedding photographer and recent bride myself, I know how important your wedding budget is.

    If you have chosen to scale back your wedding, and you are not setting aside money for a future celebration, consider all of the amazing things you can do by redistributing your budget.

    Perhaps you always wanted to serve a 5 course meal on your wedding day, but catering for a large guest list wasn’t achievable? Now’s your chance!

    Or maybe you wanted an evening dress for your first spin on the dance floor? I say go for it!

    Alternatively, you may choose to reallocate some of your wedding budget to something for your future together—a house deposit, honeymoon or pizza oven?! You do you.

  5. Where there is a will, there is a way

    If you are my client, I am not just your wedding photographer, I am your wedding cheerleader.

    I want you to have THE best day ever, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

    If your wedding plans have had to change due to Coronavirus, you better believe that I am going to go the extra mile for you and your sweetheart.

    Whether that means doing a ‘first look’, or choosing an extra location for couple photos, or capturing photos which make it look like COVID-19 was never a thing. I’ve got your back.

I hope today’s blog post has helped you to see that though your wedding plans may have had to change thanks to COVID-19, that YOU are in control of how you move forwards with your wedding outlook. There are still so many wonderful things to look forward to!

Happy planning, and if you are in need of a friendly ear to chat all-things wedding photography, I’m your girl! Drop me a line.


All photographs captured by Dorset Wedding Photographer, Charlotte Bryer-Ash Photography