Beach Sea photography

Print Store – I finally did it!

Dorset Beach Photography

I have had a love for taking photographs for a very long time now! Tonnes of holiday photographs, iPhone pictures, even old photographs from school and 6th form parties, weekends away, family get togethers, tourists spots you name it. I have a deep love of capturing what I am up to whether it be on my professional camera or on my phone it doesn’t matter to me. In the moment, its capturing the memory.

As you maybe aware if you have been following my blog I also have a love for the beach and the South Coast. I feel so fortunate to be living in such an amazing place in the UK and the coastline in Dorset is truly spectacular. I found myself last year taking photographs of the coast and the beach and really enjoyed it. Not that I would class myself as a landscape photographer in anyway – I am firmly a wedding photographer and that is where my love and passion lies. But I really enjoyed taking photographs of the beach. Something slightly different, but also for my own personal photographs.

I started to take a few more and was approached a couple of times about whether or not I sell my images. This wasn’t something I had really thought of before outside of the wedding photographs.

So I am excited to let you know that my Photography Print Shop is now open!

South Coast Love Print Store

Only a small collection currently and I will be adding more soon now that I am living in Dorset permanently. But I really wanted to take the time to share this with you. This will also be linking in with another project I am currently working on and super excited to share with you…but its not quite ready yet. I will be doing a big launch and announcement when it is!

I would really love for you to stop by my store and check it out! You can find it HERE and the link above. I really hope you love it, and please share with others!

Much love, Charlotte