Preparing for your Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

One of the most beautiful times of year to plan your day and celebrate your marriage. There is a freshness in the air, with pockets of days where we have glorious sunshine. With flowers starting to bloom, spring weddings are full of pretty pinks, cherry blossom, yellows, greens, nudes and ivories.

So if you are planing your wedding day in Spring, here are a few little things to consider in order to prepare for your day so you don’t get caught out… Also keep scrolling to the bottom as there is a gorgeous inspo board for you.


A shrug, shawl, cover-up, bolero – just something to keep you a little bit warm whilst your travelling to your ceremony, during your reception and photographs if need be.  The last thing you want to be worrying about is how cold you are. Just having that little extra layer can help take the edge off between venues or when your socialising with guests. Also a great option to think about for your bridesmaids as well.

There are some really pretty styles of bridal cover-ups out there and here are just a few beautiful designers I came across: BHLDN – The Bride Bridal Cover-ups // Donna Crain – Wraps and Boleros // Wilderness Bride – Shrugs //Liberty In Love

Warm Drinks

Now we are in the middle of March now, and its still pretty bitter. Our winter just passed in the UK was pretty mild and the cold weather didn’t really hit till February/beginning of March. So it might be nice to consider having a more of a winter warmer drink for your reception. How about warm Pimms, or Mulled Wine with a spring twist – try adding some Cointreau, berries and add some apple slices!


Whether your planning an outdoor, indoor ceremony or even a church ceremony having the option of your guests to wrap up and get cosy is so lovely! Check out the inspo board below for some cute ideas on how to display them. A nice little touch I think! Also a great option for the reception if people want to step out outside but its chilly in the evenings.

April Showers

Now I know, regardless of what time of year you are planning your day, especially in the UK, you are going to be dreaming and praying for no rain on your day. For anytime time of year its worth considering having some back up accessories in case the weather isn’t great. Such as white umbrellas, an alternative pair of shows to wear for part of the day, appropriate transport etc.

Your Venue

While early spring can be unpredictable, don’t rule out the option of an outdoor wedding for the entire season. There are loads of venues in the UK which offer several locations in the grounds and in the venue to get married – which is really handy if last minute the weather isn’t great or it’s too cold, then you have other options if it doesn’t turn out to be a sunny, warm day. Work with your venue to ensure there is a back up plan, just in case things don’t quite go to plan weather wise as knowing there is an alternative option for your ceremony location will help ease the stress before the day.

This is also important for your reception, if you were planning your drinks reception outside, then make sure there is a place to host your guests if any rooms are being turned around before your sit down meal.

Go Seasonal

Talk to your florist and wedding stylist, embrace the season and incorporate this beautiful and fresh time of year into your style and decoration on the day. Choose beautiful flowers that are really current to the Spring season – Peonies, Hydrangeas, Tulips, the possibilities are endless. Definitely talk to your florist to see if your dream bouquet is realistic for your time of year. You don’t want to get yourself set on a certain flower, colour or style to find those flowers are only available in the late summer months.

Much love, Charlotte x

Prepare Spring Wedding
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