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Planning an adventure!

So I haven’t really spoken about this much. But you know when you have been planning something for so long, and then all of a sudden its a couple of days away? You become filled with excitement and smiling ear to ear.

Travel Photographer
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Well that’s totally how I feel writing this post right now.

6 years ago my boyfriend and I said that one day we would plan a roadtrip across America. We said it would be such a big holiday that it would only be something we would do as like a honeymoon – you know a big trip.

Summer last year, we looked at our books we bought so long ago and the draft plans we made. Why were we making an excuse that we couldn’t go until a certain date or time in our life? We have both had a pretty intense couple of years, so we thought, why not now?

So 7 months ago we booked our flights and now we are heading off for 3 and a half weeks to America! To drive down the West Coast.

We are super excited and now all packed and ready to go!

Starting our trip in Seattle, then onto Portland, then working our way down the Oregon Coastline. Heading to San Francisco then catching a flight to Vegas! Driving by the Hoover Dam the Grand Canyon then lastly the big drive to LA!

I am so excited! When you work hard in life you should reward yourself – whatever that might be for you. For us we love to travel and have adventures. So this was very high up on our list of things we want to do, see and achieve in life.

I promise I won’t be bombarding you with blogposts everyday full of photographs of our travels, diner stops and Hollywood Hills – but I will limit it to a round up once a week whilst we are there!

I hope you enjoy watching us document our trip and I hope it inspires you to create yourself and plan an adventure this year! Follow me over on Instagram to see more personal photos and our Amercian Adventure @charlottebryerash and check out my Youtube Channel HERE, click Subscribe so you will see when new videos are uploaded!

Much love, Charlotte x