These two were absolutely amazing when I went to photograph them in gorgeous Sandbanks last Summer ahead of their wedding! Lizzie and Ian were so natural with each other, were up for a fun shoot and it was thee perfect opportunity to get to know them both more before their special day. 
The weather….oh my goodness, just looking back at these photos makes me wish Summer would be here now. It was the most beautiful, warm evening – although pretty windy, but actually this made the perfect addition to their shoot….AKA a free wind tunnel for awesome hair shots!

We wandered to a few different spots, tried a few different things had the best time! These two got married at Pylewell Park which I am just about to post shortly, you are in for a treat – it is such a gorgeous venue and even more of a beautiful celebration for Lizzie and Ian! 

Images captured by Dorset Wedding Photographer, Charlotte Bryer-Ash Photography

Find out more about Engagement Photography in Dorset and Why having an engagement shoot is such a good idea ahead of your wedding day!


My top tip for you when it comes to an engagement shoot is choose a location that really reflects you both, somewhere you love to be or that is really special to you both, or that reflects you and your overall vibe.

The beach is a super amazing location for an engagement shoot it has a super relaxed vibe, spend your shoot barefoot in the sand, play in the water or snuggle up in the dunes.

If you are looking for recommendations on beautiful beaches that are incredible for an engagement shoot, drop me a message and I would be happy to share my top beach finds!