Introducing a New man in my life

Shih Tzu puppy
I have become an official dog owner! Having grown up with a golden retriever and then a black lab, for me I knew when I would start working from home I would love to have a dog. My boyfriend on the other hand….is a cat person. He took some convincing. I started my plan about 5 years ago to change his mind that getting a dog would be amazing, a companion, someone to enjoy walks with, who would be so excited to see you when you get home! When I decided I would be leaving my job I upped the anty on trying to tell him the benfits of getting a dog, how amazing it would be. So back in March 2015, he agreed we could get a dog, once I work full time from home! Ahhhh I was too excited!

No words can describe how we felt when we first met Denzel. He was the smallest in the litter, but that didn’t matter! Although he was only 4 weeks old when we first met him, he had bundles of character and was just the sweetest little thing ever! We left having confirmed we definitely wanted to be his owners, and I instantly felt so much love for him and started counting down the days when he would be ready to come to our new home! When he collected him on 6th November his little face, cute little tail and solid gold colouring, we were beyond excited for this new chapter.

Denzel is now very much part of the family, and has well and truely settled in! I wanted to wait before I did an intro post. To say we need to learn how to sit for the camera and stay, rather than trying to play with the camera is an understatement! He is such great company during the day (I talk to him all the time, I know this sounds weird….but dog owners will understand!) He is very much still a puppy, and now at the ripe old age of 4 and a half months, he keeps us on ourtoes everyday, every minute, apart from the several naps he has during the day!

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One thing I love the most is that I walk on the beach everyday with him! When I used to live in Bournemouth, the beach was hands down my favourite part, but when I moved to London I realised I didn’t enjoy it and definitely took it for granted as it was practially on my door step! Moving back, I wanted to make sure I make the absolute most of it! We also walk at Whitecliff, but we much prefer the beach, and all the other dog walkers down there are so lovely! He definitely knows that he can pretty much run up to any walking near us and they will stop to give him a stroke!

I can hands down say this was the best decision we made, we adore him so much and he fills our days with lots of love and enjoyment. The photographs in this post are a mixture of pictures taken on my camera and my iphone! Have you got a dog? I would love to hear about him or her!

Much love, Charlotte

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