When life gets busy. You work long hours. You get home and you’re tired. You can’t remember the last time you had a date night. The last time you hung out and just enjoyed each others company.

Engagement shoots are perfect for this very reason, and for a number of others.

Take a break out of your wedding planning. Have a couple of hours out from being wrapped up in your phone and social media. A couple of hours having a new experience together. In your own moment. To enjoy your relationship. The location you are in. Your engagement. Each other. Talking about you both, your happy times, reminiscing your relationship and adventures.

Look at each other and remember your first date. Walk holding hands thinking about how proud you are of each other. Have a cuddle thinking about how amazing your wedding day is going to be and what you are looking forward to most. Have fun, play around, tell jokes and come up with new nicknames.

Its about you both, in your own moment, however that maybe. Each relationship is so different. Each hand hold, each hug, laugh or tender look.

To find out more about having an engagement shoot and if you would love to have beautiful photographs to celebrate your relationship or engagement, please contact me here

Much love, Charlotte

Pamphill engagement shoot Wimborne Wedding Photographer Dorset Wedding Photography
Engagement Photography

Couple Photography captured by Dorset Wedding Photographer, Charlotte Bryer-Ash at Pamphill, Wimborne

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