Hello Blossom Tree

Driving along a country road in Dorset, heading to an ice cream factory for the afternoon….random I know! But we are driving along and there I see it! The perfect blossom tree.

Now this might sound completely lame. But I love photographing blossom trees, but mainly people right in there, surrounded by it all! Now as a people photographer, primarily couples, I am always seeing a space and visualising a picture of a couple, and how I would frame it etc. It can be the most frustrating thing in the world when I am out and about and see the most perfect location and I don’t have a couple with me!!2016-06-05_0002

Now if you have had an engagement session with me, around this time of year, it is likely that I have made it my mission to try and find a blossom tree. Sometimes, I ask my clients….as weird as it sounds can you please go and stand in that bush! Trust me! Yes, sometimes I get a slightly odd look! But oh my goodness the results sometimes, can be just so amazing that I will make you stand there for 10 minutes as I will just keep shooting!

Anyway, I am rambling. So my love for gorgeous trees in bloom, or a pretty bush or plant is just crazy, especially in Spring and around early Autumn.

So poor Curly had to pull up on the side of a country road, pretty much in a ditch, whilst I ran down this lane in excitement with my camera in hand. It felt like the perfect time to do my new photos for the year, so setting my camera up and doing a test shoot on Curly, I handed him my camera and I then got myself right in this tree! So standing for 10 minutes on the side of a country road, I think was definitely worth it!
If your a creative business owner, have a business in the wedding industry or your a female entrepreneur and looking for some new photographs to update on your website, please get in touch! I have a special offer just for you! It may involve hunting down the perfect tree ot two, but I promise it will be worth it! I have an incredible team on board so we can make sure you get perfect photographs to represent you and your business. Please email me at charlotte@charlottebryer-ash.com

Much love, Charlotte