Friday Favourites: Some pretty special women in my life

So you know you have that group of girlfriends that you can turn to? You know, when times are hard, when you are looking for some advice, when you want to share something funny you have found, or you want to share something you have done that you are proud of? A group of friends you feel comfortable with no matter what. A group where you share your stories and your advice, you have good times and memories?

Well I can safely say I have an amazing group of friends, and believe it or not when we first got together I only had met 1 of them in person! We all came together, a small group of like minded female photographers in January 2012. These ladies quickly became my close friends, friends I would speak to throughout most of the week….and we only spoke on Facebook. Now for some this might seem abit weird. But the power of the internet people!

Our group became strong and connected quickly. We spoke everyday.

We arranged our first trip in October 2012 and we went glamping! And every year since we have had a couple of get togethers or a weekend away. Last year I had the amazing time away with just a few of the girls from the group and we had our first trip abroad! We headed out to Bergen in Norway.

I will be sharing a Travel Post on this soon I promise, as it is such an amazing place! I never really thought about Norway as somewhere I wanted to travel to, but it was absolutely stunning and I am looking forward to planning another trip back there.

So today, as my Friday Favourites, I wanted to do a little post introducing the lovely ladies I had a pleasure of going on holiday with, one of my favourite trips of last year.

Becky from Becky Male Photography


Jo from Summer Love Photography

Norway-Photography-Business-trip-302 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-306

Karen from Karen Flower Photography

Norway-Photography-Business-trip-262 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-266

Cristina from Cristina Rossi Photography


Sally from The Photography Boutique

Norway-Photography-Business-trip-301 Norway-Photography-Business-trip-299
I had such an incredible time and now have some amazing memories from our trip. My favourite and fondest memories from the trip were:

*When we all arrived at the airport super tired, but all smiling ear to ear
*Thinking that Sally and Jo were going to miss the flight
*Meeting Roar, our Air BnB host – the Norwegians we came across love their lycra!
*Making random stops in the car on the side of the road, just to take pictures – occupational hazard!
*Face masks and messing around with games
*Bashing our head on that damn low ceiling light every day and night!
*Rowing across the Forde….in a motored boat!
*Exploring the little Island we rowed to – a proper little adventure (and then got caught out in the rain!) Photography and business chat – inspiring each other
*Wandering around Bergen and getting caught in the rain…again!

Keep an eye out for my Travel post on Norway and the Behind the Scenes of our trip too!

Much love, Charlotte