Friday Favourites: Hand Creams

Welcome to another Friday Favourites posts!

I am really enjoying these as they can be about anything, absolutely ANYTHING! Whether its wedding related, beauty and wellbeing related, travel, lifestyle, photography. Anything. I basically want to give you a little insight into something I have recently come across in the last week, whether its a new experience or a new product. Might be something I have known, done, seen, dreamt of for years. A brand I have come across, wedding fairs I have checked out, a book to go on your must reads! So a mixture of a personal post and something hopefully you will love!

Anyway, ramble over!

Anyone noticed how incredibly cold is has gotten the last week in the UK? So turns out we have had a pretty mild Winter so far, well not anymore! I am sure you are the same, wrapped up head to toe, red nosed, thinking about when you can get your next hot drink and moaning to anyone who will listen about the rubbish, cold and typical of our British weather! I know we are in March, but when I see blossom on the trees, I want to be able to get the sunglasses out and be able to leave the house without a million and one layers on! Well I hope I am not the only one 😉

So one thing I am trying to make a very conscious effort to do, is look after my hands! You may think that is totally random, but I hear it so much and it can be a common complaint of women when you get older. Well with the cold weather, I have noticed my hands are super dry and very painful when I am outside. I walk Denzel every day, and yes whilst I wrap up (two pairs of sock, jumper, hoody, coat, scarf and hat…no I am not joking!) I never go out with gloves on. Mainly because I forget. But also that I am taking them off every two minutes, whether it be to sort D out with his lead, or use my phone. But the impact of the cold weather on my hands, I have really noticed. So I have upped the anti on my hand care regime.
Hand Cream RoutineThe hand cream I am using at the moment and absolutely loving is by the CowShed and its called Cow Slip Soothing hand cream. Its so lovely to use – its not too thick and super hydrating for my skin. I have noticed a huge difference by putting this on just as I get into bed, and then leaving it over night.

There are loads of handcreams on the market and I can say it has taken a while to find the ones I really like. I am mainly using this one nowadays. I also have a tube in my car! But also use Soap and Glory’s Hand Food cream. When my hands are particularly dry and I will use the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. The intensive moisturising hand treatment, is amazing and works wonders! Lastly, a great addition to your hand care.

Much love, Charlotte x