The day will fly by.

Your morning was filled with excitement and nerves. Your ceremony was filled with deep breathes, tight hand holding and that feeling when you see your partner and just know this is going to be the best day. And then after that moment, you’re husband and wife, your first kiss, your walk down the aisle together, moments filled with congratulations, hugs and kisses, drinks and canapés.

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From my experience of weddings over the years, the moment where we step away – just the three of us – to capture your bride and groom portraits, are so precious. The chances are you won’t have even properly spoken to each other. I cannot explain enough the importance of having your bride and groom portraits during cocktail hour.

Time for you two just to be.
To have some beautiful and natural images.
To laugh, to hold hands, to kiss, to love.
To reflect on the amazing commitment you just made to each other.

I recommend, to get the most amazing and relaxed photographs of you both, that you should allow approximately 30 minutes for this part of the day.

Ok, I know what you’re most probably thinking… ‘We won’t need that much time’ or ‘We just need a couple of pictures‘.

This isn’t just about the pictures. Its about your moment, as a newly married couple.
To go ‘Oh my goodness, how amazing is this day so far!’, ‘I can’t believe we have done it’, ‘You look so amazing!’

So whilst I say that 30 minutes is ample time to capture some beautiful images of your both, I always make sure during this time you take 10 minutes. To be on your own, away from all the excitement, hustle and bustle of your reception. It will be easy to forget that it’s your day and that you feel you need to rush back. But honestly, its such an important time for you to spend time with one another.

Much love, Charlotte x

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