FAQ: What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

Months and months, sometimes years of planning goes into a wedding. You can control, organise and plan each and every individual aspect of your day. Unfortunately one of the only things you have no control over is the weather! A rainy wedding day is not something you can intentionally avoid, but there are a few things you can consider.

The main piece of advise I give to brides who worry about this every thing is don’t panic, or worry about it. There is no point on losing sleep over something you can’t control. This being said, being prepared for the ‘just incase’ moment, then that will help ease your stress before the day.

When you initially come to choosing and deciding your wedding venue and want to have elements of your wedding outside, make sure you see if the venue has an option, or backup plan in case it does start to drizzle. You want to make sure you love your backup space just in case!

Make sure you buy a couple of umbrellas so you have suitable ones to hand. The last thing you want is to be photographed with a brolly that looks abit tired or has a big logo across it – as this can really make a difference to your images. Find some plain white ones, or see if you can find one that fits in with your theme or colours you have planned. But, personally, for me I think white umbrellas look the best in this situation. Also think about a spare pair of shoes that you can have and not too worried about getting ruined when you are walking around outside.

Rainy Wedding Day

You may want to consider asking if your hair stylist and make up artist would consider coming back later in the day. After being outside in the rain, you may want to touch-up. If this is the case make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. Also, if your hair frizzes easily, you may want to consider changing your hair style half way through the day, or just consider having an updo for the whole day.

All this being said, I am all up for couples who are just willing to embrace the day and the rain and all. If you are up for going out and getting some pictures in the rain and getting a little wet, then I can work really quickly to capture some beautiful romantic photographs. But most importantly its your day, you are getting married and you shouldn’t let the weather ruin the day for you.

I have photographed lots of wedding where it has rained, I have had couples who do not want to go outside at all, and couples who are willing to embrace it as part of their day and just want to get out to capture some amazing pictures. Its also good to be a bit flexible on the day, so if there is a shower when we are scheduled to do group shots – we can wait or a bit and see if the shower passes and just switch things around a bit timings wise. If not, and its raining the majority of the day we can always find somewhere inside your venue.

I hope you have found this article useful. Please share to anyone you know you maybe worrying about the weather on their big day, and they aren’t sure what to do, or how to prepare for it.

Much love, Charlotte