Couple Sessions

Are you wondering why you should have a couple shoot? Or, what’s the point in them? How about, you think its going to be a bit awkward and cheesy.

Couple shoots, also known as an engagement session, I think, are a lovely way to celebrate your decision to get married, to capture some beautiful photographs in your favourite place, unique to you as a couple. It’s something I highly recommend every couple should do.

My main aim to make my couples feel as relaxed and at ease with my camera as possible. It’s a great chance to get to know each other, and for you to get an idea of what it will be like to be behind the camera. And also have to have some fun together for an hour and get some wonderful pictures that document such a special time in your relationship.

I want to capture my clients looking and feeling amazing, but most importantly providing relaxed and natural images for you both.

If your still unsure whether an engagement shoot is for you, I have created three posts which will give you more information about what to expect and why you should definitely book in for a session – just click below – but if your still not sure then please get in touch!

1. Why should I have an engagement shoot?
2.What to expect from an engagement shoot?
3.Top tips on how to prepare for your engagement shoot

If you would love to book a couple session, please contact me here or email me at! I’d love to talk to you!!!