Update and How COVID-19 Might Affect your Wedding

So today I had planned a blog post to introduce you to The Wedding Journal, however this topic sadly cannot be avoided, especially with it so heightened in the news, on every social media post and I don’t know about you but our local supermarket is crazy!!
Yes I am talking about Coronavirus, obviously a very worrying topic for everyone. If you are booked in with me for your wedding photography and getting married between now and the end of June, I have sent you a separate email, so please keep an eye out on your inbox.
Firstly, it’s important to say that I intend on attending every single wedding I have booked in my diary for 2020 and nothing about my coverage will change – I am super excited to be there as I ever was, and the current circumstances hasn’t changed this! As always with planning an event, such as a wedding, making a Plan B is always a good thing, although this is usually a plan B with the ever changing UK weather!
I’m fit and healthy and doing everything to ensure I stay that way, keeping myself as well as possible. However, if I get the dreaded Covid-19, I will do the responsible thing and fully isolate myself, I will also contact you as soon as possible. I will not risk turning up to your day and infecting anyone else and I know you wouldn’t want this either.  I take this responsibility very seriously, as I do my duty of care to you, as my amazing clients, to provide you with excellent images from your wedding day.
I am very fortunate to have an incredible network of super talented photography friends and we have always had each others back in a crisis. More so now than ever we are holding each other up through the uncertainty of what will, or won’t happen. We are a strong community and there to help one another out should the need arise. If this is the case, I will have an awesome photographer who will attend your wedding and shoot on my behalf then hand me the images to edit and continue the relationship with you – editing of your photographs and delivery of the images.

Here are a couple of options if your wedding is planned in the next 8 weeks:

The UK Government advice so far has been to carry on our lives with added extra measures of hygiene. Chat with your venue and caterers to discuss the extra measures they are putting in place for your event.
As long as we are careful and courteous to other humans, mindful of our own hygiene, and people who are sick staying at home, then there may be no need to postpone your wedding day. I would strongly urge relatives at high risk should probably stay at home rather than attend your wedding. I know this is disappointing for you and them, but this is important to keep them safe and out of risk. I am sure there will be a little less kissing and handshakes on your day, but I don’t see a reason why your wedding still won’t be the incredible day you had planned.
There has been lots of talks about bans of social gatherings, and currently this is set at a higher number of 500 people, so summer festivals and sporting events have been postponed. These are decisions the organisers have made due to the scale of the events.
As an important note, you should keep up to date with the current Government Advice regarding measures we need to take, any potential  lockdown or cancellations of events.
Most of the weddings booked in with me are under 130 guests, so this is considered relatively small in terms of a gathering. You could look to scale back on your guest list – I know this may involve some tricky conversations, but you may find some of your guests will welcome it. Maybe lower your numbers to around 50 and then plan a party with extended family and friends at a later date or hey even have a small style elopement or immediate family gathering.

Another option is to postpone the wedding.

Consider some Autumn dates for later in the year, maybe consider a weekday wedding to help with rebooking. Speak with your wedding insurance first, then your venue and your photographer to check dates. I am more than happy to reschedule dates as long as I have availability – if you are considering postponing your wedding, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss this, dates and payment options.
We are all in this together, I want you to be happy and you will still have an incredible wedding that you dreamed off! You and all of your suppliers have all invested time into what will be a wonderful day filled with celebration!

A final note, don’t panic!

Try not to get too caught up with the media! I am finding it very overwhelming seeing the constant sharing of sad and negative posts, inaccurate facts, the constant updates from the media.

The suggestions I have outlined above are for exceptional unforeseen circumstances and I am sure most of you will have no disruptions at all to your wedding plans.

I am here if you want a chat, give me a call.
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