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You have planned pretty much everything so far – venue, dress and photographer, caterers, stylists to the flowers on the tables, your playlist throughout the day and all the little bits in between. But have you also thought about your beauty routine in the lead up to the day?

Now whilst I am sure there are things on the list that completely take priority over this, but to make your sure are wedding ready with your skin, body and hair, I would highly recommend starting to think about this between 1 year to 6 months before the wedding day.

Just working on your skincare routine in the week leading up to the wedding day will not give you the results you could be looking for, and you also run the risk of your skin reacting to any new products you might be trying.

Many experts day that if you want your skin in the best condition before the day you’ll need to start a skincare routine about a year in advance. But sometimes that’s not realistic and if that’s the case for you, then just make sure you put good skincare habits in place as soon as possible.

One of my brides from last year started her skin care routine about 6 months before the big day. On the day of the wedding her skin was glowy and in amazing condition! Now her rountine might not work for everyone, so its definitely worth going to a department store and speaking to someone from the skincare counter you buy from, or maybe ask your make up artist if they have any advice. Here was the routine Sian took in the lead up to her day. It might sound like alot, but having also taken the time so far this year to work on my skin care I think its important and really doesnt take too long at all!

“My rule was to not try anything new for about 3-4 months before the wedding. I really wanted  to make sure my skin didn’t break out or react to any products that I was new to taking. For about 3 months before the day I would use a clay/mud mask and hydrating mask once a week. Then every 3-4 weeks I would do a glycolic peel.

Every other evening I also used a rosehip oil along with my normal skincare routine, to help heal any old blemishes, scarring and redness and even our skintone. I

And then just before the big day, about 2 weeks before hand I booked into have a hydra facial. It took about 60 minutes and goes through six stages which detoxify the skin and remove dead skin cells. The key for me to was to keep my breakouts under control and heal old scars and blemishes, but to keep my skin hydrated and plumped.”
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Mud mask –
Hydrating Mask
Glycolic Peel 
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I love this routine Sian used before her big day – Sian thank you for sharing! And I am sure you will agree that she looks amazing in her photographs.

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Alongside a good skin care routine, no matter what your skin type is, water is its best friend. Keep hydrated ladies! If you arent great at drinking water, try adding some lovely fruits, or lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, adds a different flavour to it. Also always make sure you carry a bottle on you, I have found that definitely helps 🙂

If you have any tips to share please feel free to comment below, or drop me an email as I love to share stories and advice from other brides to-be, MUAs, people who have tried and tested methods…please get in touch!

Much love, Charlotte x