Seriously big news….for something that I didn’t think would happen for another couple of years!

My beau, Curly…(who should really get a proper introduction I feel…blog post coming soon!) and I have been dating for almost 9 years! Yes 9 years! And about 7 months ago we started planning the biggest trip we have ever had (and most probably will have for a couple of years now!).

I had noticed it was becoming a thing that people would comment on or ask questions about when did I think Curly would ask the big question. It then starts to make you thing about it! Especially when it seemed like every day I would see on Facebook popping up on my feed another person was engaged (am I the only person who has felt like this? ha). So anyway, the questions started becoming more and more apparent. Poor Curly. Most events or get togethers we would go to, it would usually come up at one point!

So 6 days into our 4 week trip, on an abandoned beach, with no one around, we were there taking pictures, enjoying the moment and the scenery. Little did I know, a certain someone was plucking up the courage to ask me an important question.
To say it took me by complete surprise is an understatement! The shock on my face, my immediate reaction and then the tears that quickly followed after. Wow, what a moment! I wish I could relive it (Luckily he did record it which is amazing!) but in that moment, I genuinely can say was the BEST moment ever!

The rest of the day I was absolutely buzzing with excitement, emotion and everything in between! Crying most of the day with happiness.

So Brides-to-Be, I am now apart of your tribe! And I know exactly how you feel!

I am excited, nervous and anxious about the whole process.

One thing I will be doing is creating and documenting the Bridal Planning process, taking you along with me for the journey! Through blog posts and videos – sharing my journey along the way! I would love to hear from you if you are recently engaged and any tips you want to share in the initial stage! Please comment below or email me at

Much love, Charlotte


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