Becoming a Mrs

Well things have been pretty hectic over here the past couple of months! Not only has it been wedding season, we moved house and just general life, running a business etc….but there is big news, unless you have been following a long over on social and read a few of the blogs over here you will have known for a while, I was getting, and did, get married in September! It has been an exciting time, but also pretty mad and busy, just to keep everything running smoothly!

I have been loving most of it and obviously we had an amazing summer here in the UK, but planning a wedding has definitely consumed most of my personal time outside of work! I used to hear that planning a wedding was at least 300 hours and thought that was such a ridiculous statement. Although I don’t think it took us long, it definitely took up a lot of our time. I wonder sometimes if we should have just hired a planner or whether that would have taken away the feeling we had on the day that we had achieved and planned such a big event. Whilst there were parts of the wedding planning I absolutely loved, the 6 weeks leading up to the wedding were definitely the hardest.

The wedding day itself was amazing, we had such an amazing time with our friends and family over the weekend. I was overwhelmed just by the thought of all our closest friends and family being there to celebrate with us, how far people had travelled, it genuinely meant the world to me, and to be able to have such a special moment with them all was truly amazing. I know I  am such a romantic, but I really do love weddings and the importance of them and celebrating your relationship.

I am not going to lie, it was super strange to be the other side of the whole entire process and even the camera too! I am a pretty relaxed and chilled out person….I was basically bare foot all day, windy messy hair and so much sand and seaweed caught up in my dress, everyone else was worrying about it other than me ha! Half an hour leading up to me getting dressed was when I started to feel super nervous, and then when we arrived at the venue, my fear of walking down the aisle quickly disappeared when my bridesmaids one by one made their way into the ceremony room, I was just really excited to see everyone and of course my husband to be.

The day was amazing, I loved it, although there were a few little hiccups, I wouldn’t have changed the day and will always look back on it with the fondest of memories of such an amazing day!
I would really love to write more posts about how we planned our wedding, useful tips to share and just general experience of planning a wedding, would you be interested in this? Comment below, or drop me an email at I would love to hear what you would like to see and read over here on the blog aside from just recent weddings and engagement shoots I have photographed.


So anyway that is a little brief update from me and why things have been a little quite over here, I have a whole season of weddings to blog and they will be coming as of next week, I cannot wait to share them with you. And like I said I am going to be doing more posts over here about my experience of planning a wedding and advice that hopefully will help you throughout the lead up to your wedding day. If there is anything in particular you would love to hear please comment below and let me know, I would love to help.