Are you on Pinterest?

flatlay-101Pinterest, literally one of the most amazing websites/apps and my one of my favourites! It ticks all my boxes of the scrap booking I used to do in my younger years and then the saving of photographs on my desktop when I saw something I loved or wanted. It can now all stored all in one place which you can categorise, share with others or keep private for you!

For me it is a big influencer in my life, as it provides me with inspiration on healthy living, lifestyle, clothing – so many different sources that I have been able to come across which  may not have found if  just used Google. Also business, travel and photography!

I effectively use Pinterest like it’s a search engine!

If I want to find something or see images on that particular thing I will turn to Pinterest. For example, Curly and I went on a road trip back in April, we used Pinterest for loads of planning tips, road trip suggestions, where to stay, what to do in a particular city! How amazing that all the information can be found through this one platform. I made a board specifically for the trip, which we could both check out, add cool articles we came across to it. Basically it was an online version of a dream board for us, which stored images, ideas and useful articles which we could then access at any time. 

It is now forming an integral part to our Wedding Planning process. I find it easy to visualise a space, or how I can see something coming together in a room — but for Curly that’s difficult. So I created a board, which I can put all the amazing and beautiful things I come across. It’s a great point of storage for articles, and also as its an online mood board, Curly can see what I have in mind for certain parts of the day, and the same for him – I love that we can both contribute to the board! 

I would say try not to let it consume you though. Pinterest can be a great place, but it can also be a place of major distraction, and all of a sudden you have delved into the world of Pinterest for over an hour! I have also met brides before who have just spent so much time on Pinterest and then feel so much pressure that their wedding has to look like a ‘Pinterest Wedding’! Don’t fall into this trap! Pinterest, is an amazing place to get inspiration and ideas, but try not let it take over, or make you feel overwhelmed.

I found that once we had decided what our colour scheme was going to be and our venue was, we would then start a mood board – it would be harder to get off track then. Also only pinning stuff we both love, or definitely would suit our day, or give ideas and inspiration when looking for certain details or suppliers for our day.

Here are a few of my boards which will be great for you if you are:

Planning a beach wedding – or your a beach babe wanting a cool relaxed vibe

Simple, Natural, loads of foliage with a rustic edge

Planning a stylish and romantic affair – simple, glamourous and most importantly stylish

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Much love, Charlotte