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Are you feeling stressed? Don’t want to look at the wedding to-do list? Feel like if one more person asks you how wedding planning is going, you will scream?

Remember why you are doing this and what’s important. Your getting married. This is super exciting and a really special time in your life. Try not to let the wedding planning build up on you and bog you down.

I recently did a post here which you may find useful on how to get organised for your wedding day.

But for the here and now. This morning, this afternoon, this evening – whatever time of day you are reading this post, I give you permission.

Permission to just stop a minute and breathe, relax.

Go for a walk together. Have the evening or weekend off from planning. Have a date night but don’t talk about budgets, or colours, or guest lists and table plans! Being stressed won’t help, and for some can ruin the whole process and the exciting lead up to the day.

Set a date where you will approach it again. Set yourself 2 hours of solid wedding planning twice a week. Rather than a little bit everyday, this will help make it not feel like its every part of your waking moment. Get your bridesmaid involved and make a fun evening of it.

If you still struggling and lost complete control of the to-do list, here is a really useful article from Once Wed which hopefully help you get in control – The Ultimate Wedding Checklist.

Much love, Charlotte

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