A Signature Scent

For blog post-201
Do you have a signature scent? Your go to perfume? Your favourite that you will come back to time and time again?

For me, it was always Coco Mademoiselle, most probably because my mum has worn it for years, and the smell is just divine. For me, I love light, floral and elegant perfumes.
As much as I love Coco, and this will always be a go to for special occasions, I wanted to find my own signature scent.

Being now in my mid-20’s I feel I should have this nailed! But no, I like to wear lots of different ones and have tried many brands over the years. Emporio Armani Diamonds, Marc Jacobs Oh
Lola and Jimmy Choo. But I had in mind whilst I was away on our recent trip that I would take advantage of Duty Free shopping and try and fall in love with a new perfume!

Well I did just that, and it will forever remind me of our trip, our engagement and I think it will definitely be the perfume I will wear on my wedding day! Fresh Eau De Parfume, oh my goodness! I decided to go for the scent Sweet Lychee, but there were a few others that were really lovely!

Do you have your favourite perfume, or know what scent you are going to wear on your wedding day? I would love to hear from you below.

Much love, Charlotte