So I have taken a little time out from the blog since the start of the year. Mainly as this is a bit of downtime for me before the wedding season starts and also lots of behind the scenes planning in business, upcoming weddings and also planning my own wedding, blogging has kind of been put on the back burner.

But you know what, I am ok with that.

I am, pretty much, showing up daily over on Instagram, sharing lots of images from weddings I have photographed and projects I am currently working on with Charlotte Bryer-Ash Photography, also sharing tips and advice for planning your wedding. So definitely head over to Instagram to keep up to date with day to day behind the scenes.

Things are going to be changing up a bit around here….yes, get excited! I have always had plans and ideas for this blog space and where I wanted to take my wedding photography business, and now I have finally decided that now is the right time to start putting all the plans and ideas into action.

The intention, purpose, goal – whatever you want to call it – for this blog, was to be a place to showcase my recent work to engaged couples who are looking for a photographer to capture their wedding celebrations. A place to give them tips and advice, help them feel confident in the planning and leading up stage to the wedding itself, give them confidence about having their picture taken, not to be stressed or scared by the process of planning such an important event.

I wanted to be able to share my own wedding planning journey, to help and share my own story (It’s a big deal, overwhelming and a bit nerve wracking, but it is also super exciting and emotional!) I also wanted it to be a place to start inspiring other photographers who want to become a wedding photographer and start sharing couples stories and documenting incredible people!

So years of brainstorming and planning, and just getting in my own way and holding myself back – I have decided this year to go for it! It doesn’t matter what I think other people might be thinking – I want this to be a helpful and resourceful place for brides, grooms and other photographers.

My goal is to help you, give you ideas and help you through your journey, whether that is planning your wedding, plucking up the courage to have your photograph taken or to start your own wedding photography business.

I am going to be showing up, 110% for you! And I hope you love what I have in store for you!

Check back in weekly for new blog posts.

Much love, Charlotte x

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