Sometimes, we forget to take a break, give ourselves breathing space.

You find yourself doing everything at a million miles per hour, with a to do list as long as your arm.As you may, or may not know, home for me is in Dorset, more specifically near Bournemouth. When I’m feeling stressed or just need a breather, the beach and the sea are the perfect de-stressing combination.

I think I could sit on an empty beach all day, just thinking and doing nothing – maybe scrolling through lifestyle blogs and Pinterest.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that we all take some time away from our busy schedules and life’s many stresses and have some recuperation.I would definitely recommend it – even if your not close to the beach, find somewhere, an open space, somewhere away from the busy crowds a place where you can stop and just take a moment for you.

Give yourself permission to have some time out.

Much love, Charlotte

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