2 weeks to go!

Hey lovely bride, can we have an open conversation?

I am feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed about the whole wedding planning process. To the point that my husband to be and I don’t even want to talk about the wedding and just want it to be here now so we can finally enjoy this day that has caused quite a bit of stress this past month.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, preparation, to-do lists, budgeting and the whole load of other things and logistics that come with it. We are getting pretty sick of it…also with people constantly asking us about the wedding, how’s it all going, asking all the questions under the sun! I absolutely cannot wait to get married to Curly and we are both excited about the day itself but the planning process hasn’t been as enjoyable as we hoped it would, and I don’t think this is something that is spoken about that often!

I give advice to the couples I work with to enjoy this time, and whilst we have had some fun in the initial stages of getting engaged, having date nights to do wedding planning, weekends away to go check out venues etc, that has now definitely become the opposite of that. I heard once that planning a wedding can take around 300 hours to plan – I mean that sounds crazy to me, and I definitely don’t know how many hours we have spent planning the wedding – but we have never organised an event this size, and with sometimes differing opinions on decisions for certain aspects for the day, which many couples have throughout the planning process, it is fair to say the wedding chat has consumed a lot of our day-to-day which can feel quite exhausting.

We both work full-time, I run a full time business which is currently in my busiest time of year, we are still trying to settle into our new home as we recently moved and every so often I wonder if we should have hired a personal wedding planner who could have helped take quite a bit of our plates.

We got engaged 2 and a half years ago and with a long engagement you would think that with the wedding literally being just around the corner that we would be way more organised than we are! It is totally our fault, no one is to blame, but our laid back approach has totally come back to bite us. This, I think, is where some of the planning stress has stemmed from – we were both very relaxed and laid back ‘Oh we have loads of time to go yet’, everyone kept saying to us, oh don’t worry you have loads of time to go – don’t plan and finalise things too early! Well, the original plan was to have everything organised and planned by April 2018, just as my wedding season was starting. Well April has been and gone and we still have quite a to-do list to go!

Beach Sea photographySo I just wanted to share an honest update with you and also give you a big hug if you are feeling any wedding planning stress or pressure – you totally aren’t on your own! And if any of you are going through the same stress, please say hi, comment below and send us a virtual hug so I don’t feel like I am on my own! It’s just I guess a little rant, that you might be able to resonate with. I am going to try my hardest to make the next couple of weeks really enjoyable and fun.

I wonder if it would be helpful to share some articles for those of you who are super busy and finding the wedding planning process stressful (having gone through it myself) to help out at all, and things I wish I maybe would have done differently etc? Comment below if that would be something you would be interested in knowing more about and if it would be helpful.

Also if you are interested in seeing any behind the scenes of the last final arrangements we are doing for the wedding over the next week, come on over to Instagram, where I am posting daily snippets on stories check it out here!